2023-2024 Game Processing

2023-2024 Game Processing

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We are open Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm and 10am to noon on Saturdays through the game season (August-February) to accommodate everyone bringing in animals. 

We offer a $300.00 expediting fee for those looking to have their animal processed in 24 hrs (Smoked items such as jerky and salami not included in this offer as we need a certain amount of meat for recipe batch size and smoking time).

Shipping is also available (Shipping fees and container costs apply).



$1.60/lb. hanging weight + $150.00 Deposit at time of drop off. 

Skinning - Deer $40   Elk $50

Salami (3lb. Chub) -   Regular $12              Jalapeno Cheddar $14

Stick Jerky (pressed) in 1 lb bags - $13 (Pepper, Teriyaki, Jalapeno)

Strip/Sliced Jerky packed in 1lb bags - $15 (Pepper, Teriyaki, Jalapeno)

Breakfast Sausage or Chorizo in 1lb plastic and butcher paper wrap $3.99